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Secret Origin

Brought to you by some of the nerdiest people you’ve never heard of! Lifelong comic fans hit you with factoids, commentary and a hefty dose of groan inducing puns as they take a trip through the wild history and culture of Comic Book Fandom. So what do you say, ready to enter the Hall of Joestice?


It all started with a T-Shirt, a pun and an overdeveloped tendency to talk about Star Wars until the banthas came home. We love Star Wars, we’ve always loved Star Wars and we always will. Sure, the last several years have been…difficult, especially after the Franchise went Order 66 on itself, but we’re here trying to make the best of it. We celebrate the successes, discuss the missed opportunities and generally just geek out about adventures set in a Galaxy far, far away.


In 2017, some of the nerdiest people you’ve never heard of set out to create something new. Not just another pop-culture site, but an immersive experience. A place where heroes of old leap off the page and into the hearts and minds of the audience.

The result was The Hall of Joestice. A place where fans new and old could broaden their horizons; gain new insight and put up with a disturbing number of puns along the way.

Our founders ongoing mission, to seek out new (to us and you) books and boldly go where no nerd has gone before…