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Marvel Comics has teased a new X-Men project for Fall 2018, Releasing an image of the classic “X” emblem in silver against a stark background. This comes relatively close to the veiled announcement of the “X-Men: Black” series, starring Magneto. The Fall arrival would put it conveniently close to the end of  the upcoming Extermination event, as well as the

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Marvel Comics just released an new teaser image for the upcoming X-Men event : Extermination. The image my Pepe Larraz and Mark Gracia depicts someone – presumably the younger version of Scott Summers holding the iconic Cyclops visor and the words “Set It Right” emblazoned across his chest. The Original Five X-Men have spent the last several years in the

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√ Old √ Grizzled √ Injured √ Failing Healing Factor √ Regenerative Serum that will eventually kill him Those aren’t just plot devices from 2017’s Logan, they’re the current state of Old Man Logan in the marvel universe. Two years ago, Marvel Comic brought an older version of Wolverine from another timeline into the main Marvel Universe following the events

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On Friday, March 16th, Marvel editor Wil Moss announced on a series of three new one-shot stories featuring Aneka, Ayo and Okoye and the epitomous organization to which they all belong : the Dora Milaje. The series will begin in June with “Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever”, then “X-Men: Wakanda Forever” in July and “Avengers: Wakanda Forever” in August. Nnedi Okorafor

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