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Promotional art for Young Justice: Outsiders has been revealed at Warner Bros. landing page for its upcoming DC Universe streaming service. Pictured in the art (from left to right) are : Katana, a character believed to be longtime Outsider member Geo-Force, an alien character (presumably Ambush Bug) Lightning, Metamorpho and Nightwing. In the background we also see Tigress, Black Lightning

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So, today took a turn for the interesting and fun for me. I picked up a family of four on Lyft at Tinseltown at 930am. And as we went to their destination (DFW airport), I asked what movie they saw, thinking it oddly early for a movie but supposing perhaps the theater had changed its hours for summer. “We wanted

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Actor Paul Blackthorne is exiting the CW’s Arrow as a series regular following the conclusion of the current Sixth Season on May 17th, according to TV Line. Blackthorne, who plays Quentin Lance, was one of few actors who have been on the show continuously since its 2012 debut. This marks a continued trend of creative upheavals for the cornerstone of

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After a rather lack luster “teaser” trailer released months ago, fans of Marvel’s on again, off again alien anti-hero were understandably concerned as to wether or not Sony’s newest attempt at brining the alien symbiote to the big screen would fail. Viewers complained that the “Venom” film was seemingly low on…well, Venom. It wouldn’t be the first time that a

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When the World first met Lara Croft in 1996 in the video game Tomb Raider, for PlayStation, she was everything that teen- and tweenage males fantasize about. Gun-toting, adventurous, with body measurements that could in no way fuel her globe-trotting, death-defying, acrobatic feats. But she retained one element as a game character that was clearly missing from her original big-screen

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Sources indicate that the much anticipated sequel to 2017’s smash hit Wonder Woman will shoot in the U.S. this summer. Wonder Woman 2, currently in production under “Magic Hour” will begin principle photography in June “in and around the area of Northern Virginia/District of Columbia”, according to Omega Underground. Returning direction Patty Jenkins previously informed Entertainment Weekly “it’s time” for

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