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Courtesy of an exclusive announcement on Marvel’s “Earth’s Mightiest Show”, we now know that writer Chip Zadarsky (Marvel 2-in-One, Invaders) and artist Marco Checcheto will helm the Daredevil title beginning in February 2019. Since the announcement of his looming departure, current Daredevil scribe Charles Soule has ratcheted up the heat in Hell’s Kitchen and the odds are looking pretty grim

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Fans will get another taste of the ‘Murphyverse‘ Batman when writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy returns to pen the sequel to Batman: The White Knight, entitled Batman: Curse of the White Knight.  “For Batman: Curse of the White Knight, I’m rewriting a former Batman ally to become a threat greater than the Joker ever was” Murphy said in an interview with

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Artist Javier Garron gives us our first look at the upcoming Miles Morales: Spider-Man book.  The new series, which f launches in December with writer Saladin Ahmed, will focus on Miles’ life as a teen hero. “For my money, Spider-Man is, at his core, a teenage hero,” Ahmed told IGN, when the series was announced. “In this book, Miles will be that

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Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man will swing back into reader’s lives sooner rather than later. The new book will be lead by Saladin Ahmed (Blackbolt) and artist Javier Garrón (Ant-Man & The Wasp). Miles Morales: Spider-Man, will focus on the young street level hero navigating the complexities of Power, Responsibility and his life outside of the webs. A return to form for

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