Amazing Spider-Man Relaunch

As many speculated, the Beyond Era will culminate in a relaunch of the Amazing Spider-Man title with a new #1 this April. The return of Peter Parker isn’t the only scheduled comeback the issue has in store, as it was recently announced that longtime Marvel artist and Spidey allumnist (and personal favorite of Above Average Joe) John Romita Jr is slated to return to the book which will be penned by none other than Zeb Wells.

Wells, a tenured Marvel scribe has had dalliances with our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in the past, his storyline ‘Shed’ is often lauded as one of the best Spider-Man stories in modern history but this will be the first time that he has been the lead writer on Marvel’s flagship title.

Romita has a long and intensely personal relationship with Spider-Man, as his father, John Romita took over the reigns of Spider-Man artistry from Steve Ditko and worked closely with Stan Lee to shape the webhead’s earliest and most formative adventures.

“I’ve waited my entire career to work with John Romita Jr.,” Wells says in the Amazing Spider-Man #1 announcement. “To team up with him on Amazing Spider-Man for the character’s 60th anniversary is so exciting words can’t describe it. We’re gonna have a blast!”

According to Marvel, the title’s initial run will focus on the question that was teased on January 12th – ‘What Did Peter Do?’ which showcased art (seen here) implying that Spider-Man is somehow responsible or closely tied to a cataclysm of some kind. Whatever the catastrophe is, Marvel has said that it will put Spider-Man on the outs with the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and even Aunt May, though it remains to be seen how such a rift in the hero community will rock Peter’s most stalwart relationship.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 debuts from Marvel in April 2022

check out the trailer

Joe Anderson is a husband, father and lifelong comicbook fan. An avid reader, Joe brings decades of comicbook and fandom knowledge to the table along with his trademark humor and genuine love for the material. He now splits his time between writing, hosting his podcasts and introducing his daughter to the fandoms that helped shape him into the man he is today.

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