January 18, 2022

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Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #2

Thwip Thwip Boom

This issue is a bit of a mixed bag. One on hand, it is largely spidey action focused so there’s less of ‘bad luck’ Parker to be had, and the sporadic ‘flashback’ sequences throughout the story help shed some light on the origins of Parker Industries without having to slog back through Superior Spider-Man unnecessarily.

This being said, I still find Peter Parker: CEO to be woefully out of character. He isn’t Tony Stark, he was never meant to be Tony Stark, and I just can’t connect with the character the way I had previously. Peter Parker is the everyman, the most accessible hero in the Marvel stable, and having him suddenly leave the streets behind to join the 1% feels traitorous. Its as if Spider-Man is deliberately trying to leave the audience behind while still asking you to fork over $4 bucks for a comic…

Meta-narrative aside, the action is the real star of this issue. Camuncoli’s art continues to be the strongest thing about this book, and having him draw both Spider-Man and The Prowler bounding around an underwater super spy base looking for a suped up Apple Watch (Peter’s Webware McGuffin for this issue draws alot of chuckle worthy parallels to the various Apple devices) is the kind of rip roaring, quip heavy excitement that I can’t help but enjoy.

The fun of Spider-Man doing battle with a bunch of zodiac themed costumed thugs is offset by the call backs to Ends of the Earth, one of Spider-Man’s more defining tales in recent years and the impetus for his ‘no one dies on my watch’ attitude of late. Its a sobering reminder that behind the mask and the webs and the quips is a man that has seen and been through things that no one else can really understand.

All said and done, this is a much stronger issue that the previous one.

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