January 18, 2022

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X-Men: Blue #33

An Essay on Magneto...

Hero. Villian. Leader. Martyr. Magneto has been many things over the years, and yet one has stood above them all: A man. Flawed, driven by the courage of his convictions and constantly on the brink of an internal war that will eventually consume him. Bunn, a proven steward of Magneto, captures this conflict eloquently.

We see Erik as a destroyer and a savior. A tyrant and a man on a futile quest for absolution. This is not to say that the issue is perfect. The dialog itself is drab compared to the inner musings of a Man who has been brought forward to see the scars he will leave on the world.

The homage to The Terminator’s timetravel visuals are placed well for audience members familar with the film. Without the context however it can easily play as unimaginative. The true success of this issue is how it captures the contradictory themes of hope and despair.

In many ways, this issue is not just an essay on Mangeto but on the last several years of X-Men storytelling. Welcome to the future, Magneto. We hope you survive the experience.

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