January 18, 2022

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Superman (2018) #18


I wish I could say my disappointment was anything other than expected.

The idea is unoriginal, especially given the events of the last several years. The execution is lacking, with the most interesting revelations done in silence and shadow. Ivan’s art plays well in these moments but I can’t help feeling cheated of much-needed character interaction between Clark & Perry in favor of downright idiotic reasoning and bloated dialogue that does little more than remind the audience that Bendis obviously never watched Superman IV

“Why do I hide my identity?” Oh, gee. I don’t know, maybe because Clark has a wife, a child, is the most prominent hero in the DC universe with a cavalcade of rogues who show no compunction about collateral damage. Clark is who he is, Superman is what he can do.

That’s a truism at the heart of the character that It’s current steward either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about.

I’m not opposed to Superman revealing his identity to the world, in many ways it can move his narrative forward, despite the ramifications it will surely bring upon the character. The core issue here is the execution, which is generously described as haphazard.

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