January 18, 2022

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Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #1

Spidey to the rescue

Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m admittedly not a fan of Dan Slott’s writing on Spider-Man. I slogged through his post-One More Day work and the journey through Superior Spider-Man tested the limits of my mental health…and largely got me off Twitter, though I’m not exactly sure that’s a negative.

All this said, my feelings on the inaugural issue for this volume of Amazing Spider-Man are, like the issue itself, a bit muddled. On one hand, I’m a sucker for an Alex Ross cover so that pretty much covered the cost of entry right there. Slott’s characterization of Peter somehow strikes a bizarre balance between his usual ‘Bad Luck’ Parker and what I can only describe as dollar store Tony Stark.

Spider-Man turned international super spy/hero/business mascot is entertaining, but nearly every scene where Peter is not in the suit can be met with a groan and a sigh. Peter does not feel like himself, not in the “fish out of water” context that you’d come to expect from a coming of age Spider-Man tale but rather the oddly specific feeling of being in a work presentation led by someone drastically underqualified for their role. Its cringe inducing and more than a little grating on the nerves.

The action sequences are strong, and the stand out is Camuncoli’s art. He captures the fluidity and grace of Spider-Man’s movements while making expert use of both Ross’ new suit design and the kind of flashy poses that harken back to classic Spidey adventures.

All-In-All, not a bad first issue if you enjoy Slott’s take on the character. If not, you’ll probably snooze during some of the calmer character moments.

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