September 18, 2021

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Marvel ends relationship with problematic creator Joe Bennett

Bye Felica

Marvel Comics has severed their relationship with artist Joe Bennett in the wake of continued allegations of anti-Semitism.  

Bennett, who was slated to illustrate the lead in one-shot for the Timeless event series, will no longer be used for any future Marvel projects. 

This makes the upcoming series Finale for Immortal Hulk the creators last official work with the publisher. Marvel has not issued a statement regarding their decision to terminate Bennett, however Bennett’s Immortal Hulk Partner Al Ewing had this to say regarding the turn of events: 

“This isn’t the first issue with Joe that I’ve been made aware of. I’ve spoken behind the scenes, but that’s no comfort to people at the sharp end of this kind of brutal propaganda…”

Ewing goes on to apologize for how his own lack of accessibility on social media may have contributed to the alienation felt by those on the receiving end of Bennett’s controversial creation.

The image, which will not be shown here, is a 2017 political cartoon by the artists that shows people with accentuated Jewish characteristics as rats being hunted down by a sword wielding individual. 

Bennett previously landed in hot water regarding varying degrees of bigotry after he made comments condoning violence against openly gay journalist Glenn Greenwald, who was assaulted by a far-right journalist in 2019. Adding insult to injury, in 2020 Bennett left supportive comments indicating his approval of transphobic comments made on his public Instagram page. 

The prior to the resurfacing of his political cartoon, Bennet found himself at the center of controversy in February 2021 with the release of Immortal Hulk #43. Which contained a blatant anti-Semitic reference. The panel, pictured below, features Hulk persona Joe Fixit haggling with a jeweler. In the background, the shop’s widow display identifies the shop as “Cronemberg’s Jewery”, however the “Y” is deliberately blocked by the characters. The window also prominently features the Star of David, a common symbol of Judaism. 

Marvel issued an apology for the release of this image and immediately had it removed from the issue’s digital release. The publisher then offered corrected reprints of the issue at no cost to retailers. 

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