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Arkham Asylum 2 Shelved

Morrison's plan to revisit the world of his 1989 Original Graphic Novel, Arkham Asylum has been put on hold.

Originally announced at San Diego Comic Con International in 2017, Arkham Asylum 2 would have seen Damien Wayne, a Morrison creation himself, donning his father’s iconic cape & cowl for his own romp through a serious house on serious earth.

“I kind of wrote 26 pages of it, and it got shelved because the television work was taking up so much time.” Morrison said in an interview with TechRadar. “But then again, I never say never because I think those 26 pages were pretty good.”

In Morrison’s defense, the comicbook scribe turned TV writer has seen a slew of success, most recently with his adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s 1932 dystopian novel “Brave New World”. Despite a back up story in Detective Comics, Morrison’s dance card is quite full at present.

While fans won’t get a glimpse of Damien venturing into the madhouse anytime soon, we can venture into Morrison’s rendition of Huxley’s iconic tale on Sky One in the UK and on NBC’s new streaming service Peacock  here in the US.

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