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Milestone Returns in 2021

Icon, Rocket, Static and More!

Originally teased as ‘Earth M’ in 2015, DC’s long simmering revival of Milestone Media is finally set to return in February 2021. The announcement came in a surprise panel during DC’s FanDome event.

(Image Credit: DC/Milestone Media)

The revival will be spearheaded by a digital first series featuring Static, as well as an original graphic novel staring the teen hero by writer Reggie Hudlin and artist Kyle Baker. Adding to the lineup, Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan is illustrating a new volume of Icon & Rocket, also to be penned by Hudlin.

The panel also teased a series of animated films, which DC has excelled at producing over the years, as well as Young Adult publications and the possibility of a live action adaptation of Static.

In the more immediate future, DC plans to ramp up to the Milestone relaunch by releasing some of the original Milestone titles that have been out of print for some time across their digital platforms. This marks the first time that Milestone characters have seen digital release in their original form (DC previously licensed Static for both a short lived stint in Teen Titans, prior to the New 52 reboot, as well as an equally brief solo series.)

While it remains to be seen if these characters will be integrated into the DC Universe proper or left as a standalone world in the overarching DC Multiverse, one thing is for certain: Fans are excited to see these beloved characters on the page once more.

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