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Shazam Surprise

The Dark Knight & The Big Red Cheese hit the streets


This forthcoming twelfth issue of DC Comic’s “SHAZAM” title will have a much different story than originally solicited. Shazam #12, originally slated to be writer Geoff Johns and artist Dale Eaglesham’s penultimate issue will now feature a new creative team and a guest appearance by none other than the Dark Knight himself.¬†The updated solicitation is as follows:

“In pursuit of new villains to thwart, Shazam heads-where else?-to Gotham City, landing him face-to-creepy face with the Scarecrow! Can Batman help Billy overcome his greatest fears?”

Batman and Shazam together against Scarecrow
Credit: DC Comics

With the change, the Johns-Eaglesham era’s final issues have been pushed back to July 29th and August 25th respectively. ¬†Shazam #14, the final issue by series lead Geoff Johns has now been increased to 40 pages and now carries a $4.99 price tag.

This change marks the latest last minute change to hit a series that has been defined b by shipping issues and near constant delays. Hopefully Shazam #12’s new story and creative team can lend some much needed momentum to the beleaguered title.


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