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Titans To Add Barbra Gordon

The Titanverse Batfamily just got bigger.

According to Titans director/cinematographer Boris Mojovski, the DC Universe series will adapt a version of the classic Batfamily character for its third season.


Speaking to the Canadian Society of Cinematographers via Facebook live, Mojovski confirmed that the character will debut in the series’ third season premier. It should be noted that Monovski did not confirm whether or not we will see Barbara as Batgirl or Oracle. Video of the interview can be found here.

Given how Titans’ delves into the darker elements of the DC Universe, somewhat to the audience’s chagrin, the later of her incarnations seems likely. Could DC fans be in for gritty take on the Killing Joke? or will Barbara’s horrific attack be boiled down to a blink and you’ll miss it cameo as it was in the short lived 2002 Birds of Prey TV series.


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