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Lana Lang Is Headed Back To Smallville

Clark Kent's first love set to join CW series

Superman’s world just got a little bit larger. According to a report from Deadline, longtime Superman ally and one time paramour Lana Lang has been cast in for the
forthcoming Superman & Lois TV series.

Actress Emmanuell Chriqui will join the cast as a ‘series regular’ however it seems this
incarnation of Lana will be somewhat different than fans may be accustomed to. According to Deadline, Chriqui’s Lana is billed as a “loan office at Smallville Bank who stayed in Smallville when others left for something bigger and brighter”.

While this may not be a character stretch, it is in contrast to the most recent depiction of Lana, as Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk left the series during its eight season to pursue her own heroic destiny.Differences with Smallville’s Lana Lang aside, there are similarities to Lana from Superman III as played by fellow Smallville alum Annette O’Toole.

Reeve & O’Toole, Superman III


O’Toole’s Lana was the popular girl who married wrong, had kids and got stuck in the same Podunk town that she’d always lived in and it seems that Chriqui’s is on a similar path. Deadline’s report highlights that Lana, now Lana Lang-Cushing is in similar straits. Saddled with a drunken husband, two daughters, one of which tried to take her own life, this version of Lana will reconnect with Clark “during one of the most difficult periods in her life.”

Credit: Superman – Year One, John Romita Jr.

What will this re-connection bring? is a the show setting up a potential love triangle for the Man of Steel? Unlikely, given how committed both Clark and Lois have been to one another throughout their appearances in the Arrowverse to date. More likely, Clark will help bring his friend out of the doldrums by acting as a confidant and symbol of everlasting hope. Still, its The CW so I would expect a certain degree of romantic melodrama to unfold.

As of now, The CW has not confirmed the casting or announced a premier date for its newest DCTV outing.


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