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Mystique goes to extraordinary lengths to get what she wants…



What I’m Excited For…

This is it. This is the issue I have been waiting for since Hickman took over. I just knew that Mystique was going to be a power player in this new Mutant society and now that Xavier fancies himself a puppet master the stage is set for a very dangerous confrontation. Yay!

Credit: Marvel Comics

What I Thought..

Oh boy, this is why you do not…I repeat, DO NOT, f*ck with Mystique. The ultimate Femme Fatale is on a quest to reclaim what is her’s, this generally means bad things for whoever she’s gunning for, which just so happens to be the leadership of her new home. Why do I get the feeling that Mystique is going to be the one to burn Krakoa and everything it stands for to the ground?

Above Average Joe’s Rating

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