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MISS FORTUNE STRIKES! Domino’s luck seems to be changing…Can she find the source of her misfortune before it costs lives all over the world? And has Colossus healed enough to help her…or even himself?



What I’m Excited For…

This book has catapulted Domino to the top of my “favorite underrated Mutants” list. Yes that’s actually a thing. Seriously though, Percy has put Domino through hell so far and I’m honestly a bit flabbergasted by her resilience. I can’t wait to see her finally shake off the lingering traumas and get back to kicking some serious ass.

What I Thought…

Credit: Marvel Comics

This issue manages to hit the perfect balance of high stakes political intrigue, spy tactics and the usual amount of Mutant madness. Domino is on a quest to reclaim not only her powers, but her sense of identity. The relationship between her “bond” and Sage’s “Q” is a delight, and really helps to round out Sage’s somewhat bland characterization.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Percy has virtually delighted in putting Domino through the the gauntlet and it’s incredibly cathartic to see this character, who has been the victim of many horrible abuses throughout the story to date, take back what is hers and hers alone.

Above Average Joe’s Rating

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