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The Flash #88



Witness the birth of Paradox!  As a hero, the Flash helps as many people as he possibly can… but Paradox shows what happens when ordinary people pay the price for super-powered battles royal.  What started as a happy life of family and science turned into a nightmare when the Turtle’s attack on Central City rained down from the future — and now the story of the civilians caught in the crossfire will change the Flash’s life forever!



What I’m Excited For…

If ‘The Flash’ could be summed up in one sentence it would definitely be “Damn it, Barry!”. Much as I love this book and the character, the Scarlet Speedster has a horrible track record when it comes to time travel. Seriously, Marty McFly has a better Win/Lose ratio…So its going to be interesting to see how this latest jaunt through space/time will ultimately bite Barry Allen in the ass.

Credit: DC Comics

What I Thought…

Okay, I’ll say it…Damn it, Barry! While this issue is functionally little more than a primer on the Scarlet Speedster’s newest Rogue it does manage to play at the tragic irony of Barry’s life as a superhero. A good man trying to make the world a better place and ends up making things worse for a time. This new villain Paradox is more of a dark shadow of Barry Allen than the Flash. His dedication to his family is what ultimately unhinges him and its hard to understand where he’s coming from.

Credit: DC Comics


His life was literally stolen from him because Barry saved Central City, and spending years watching The Flash save the day with a smile on his face has eaten away at his sanity. All in all a solid setup fro what is sure to be a massive conflict.

Above Average Joe’s Rating

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