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Sky Tyrant is on the verge of possessing the ultimate weapon, which would kill billions — ensuring his eternal rebirth. Hawkwoman is hot on his trail, and she isn’t alone.  She’s enlisted the help of Carter Hall’s long-time friends: the Atom and Adam Strange.  Will they be enough to stop Sky Tyrant?  How do you stop a man full of rage and steel will? Death seems to be the only option, but their good friend Carter would also die in the process.



What I’m Excited For…

Sky Tyrant. Period. I love this psycho bastard, every time he shows up is pure gold. I honestly don’t care what happens in the story, I just want to see DC Sabertooth smash things with his mace while Carter serves as a hostage version Jiminy Cricket.

Credit: DC Comics

What I Thought…

It’s hard not to enjoy an issue that brings Adam Strange, The Atom, Hawkwoman and BOTH versions of Carter together. I will never get tired of the constant banter between Sky Tyrant and the true Carter Hall, Venditti makes these bizarre interactions so entertaining that you momentarily forget that Sky Tyrant is a mass murdering psychopath from a Multiverse Hellscape. What really sells this issue is the lengths that Carter’s friends will go to in order to save him from himself. Even though some would consider Hawkman an obscure character, these moments drive home just how important he is to the DC Universe as a whole.

Above Average Joe’s Rating

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