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Go Go Power Rangers #29



Go Go Power Rangers #29

Tommy steps into his new role as leader of the Power Rangers, but not everyone is convinced he’ll be able to lead like Jason did. Meanwhile, Zack, Trini, and Jason are given their first mission as OMEGA RANGERS, and must trust that their friends will be able to handle all of Lord Zedd’s threats without them.

What I’m Excited For…

Credit: Saban Entertainment 

The ‘White Light’ story line is one of my favorite moments in Power Rangers history, and seeing it flushed out here has been awesome. I love that we are seeing the Rangers truly earn their power instead of just being handed magic belt buckles. In a lot of ways the MMPR comics have supplanted the original series in terms of canon, seemingly converting the TV series to an abridgment of the “true” story. Gotta say, I’m okay with that.

What I Thought…

Finally, a story where Tommy isn’t the “perfect” Ranger. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see Tommy struggle with the burdens of leadership, especially with everything that is about to unfold with Jason, Trini and Zack. It is a turbulent time for the Power Rangers, and Zedd is taking advantage.

Credit: Boom! Studios

One thing I’m extraordinarily happy with is how this issue deals with the changing of the guard. The show’s change of leadership was jarring, if not downright awkward but it is well handled here. Jason is serving as a mentor to Tommy, instructing him on how to be an effective leader on and off the battlefield instead of just tossing him the keys. Naturally this results in a bit of divided loyalties within in the team, not knowing who to follow or who to turn to in times of crisis.


There is a clever play when it comes to Lord Zedd and the cavalcade of whimsical monsters he and his predecessor employed against the Power Rangers. Its fun to see Zedd’s “no BS” approach to villainy contrasted against Rita’s.

With the Go Go title ramping up for it’s final story, its few remaining issues will be centered around the inevitable changing of the guard and the formation of the Omega Rangers. This said, i’m still not ready to see Jason, Zack and Trini.

Above Average Joe’s Rating

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