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Wonder Woman #751


Wonder Woman…under arrest!

As she starts to protect her new hometown of Boston, the city wonders—who will protect Boston from her? Agent Nora Nunes must shadow Wonder Woman for a day to ensure the city will be safe if Diana resides there. But what starts as a tranquil day transforms into disaster relief, and Diana and Nora will need to survive not only the elements, but also the arrival of the three Dark Fates!

Credit: DC Comics

What I’m Excited For…

Dark Multiverse, Dark Gods, Dark Fates…I’m sensing a trend here. I love that Wonder Woman has been tackling holdouts from the nightmare realms head on, especially given her recently revealed attachment to Magic. She’s finally becoming DC’s “Sword and Sorcery” hero and it is long overdue. I’m not sure if we’re going to jump right into that conflict or if it will be a slow build. Either way the end result will be Diana duking it out with the Dark Fates and I am here for it.

Credit: DC Comics

What I Thought…

Detective Nunes gets a day in the life of Wonder Woman, which just so happens to involve dark gods, monsters and the ever present threat of war from beyond the bounds of human imagining. So, yeah pretty much your average Wednesday in the Boston P.D. The rest of the issue falls pretty much where you’d expect. Requisite “I didn’t trust you but now I do” realization, Grecian God craziness and a sprinkle of longing as Diana laments (yet again) about not being with Steve.

Credit: DC Comics

Above Average Joe’s Rating

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