New Warriors Return

After being teased in the pages of Annihilation-Scourge: Omega #1, the New Warriors, a mainstay 90s team will make it’s return to the Marvel Universe. Spinning out of the forthcoming Outlawed event, the classic team will reunite to train a new generation of heroes.

In a press release on Friday, Marvel revealed that noted writer David Kibblesmith will helm the series with art and covers being provided by Luciano Vecchio (Ironheart) and RB Silva (Powers of X) respectively

In an Interview with SYFY WIRE, Kibblesmith said:

“It was important to me to have moments of Justice and Night Thrasher counterbalancing each other as the two sometimes-leaders of the New Warriors,” the writer says. “And our artist, Luciano Vecchio, has such a great take on Silhouette, and so much love for that character, that we made sure to make her an official part of the team. I think the exception to our classic roster might be Nova, ‘cuz he’s usually off in space doing Nova stuff. Such is the nature of the Marvel Universe being an actual, uh, universe.”

The team’s appearances have been scant since their involvement the Stamford incident that incited the Superhuman Civil War (2006’s Civil War), last appearing in a short-lived series as part of 2014’s All-New Marvel NOW initiative.

What remains to be seen is how this book with play against the recently announced Champions relaunch that was announced to also spin out of the Outlawed event. With younger heroes presumably persona-non-Grata, how will the two teams coexist?

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