Pull List – 6/26/19

Age of Rebellion: Darth Vader


  • DARTH VADER may be the most feared man in the galaxy. But to the proud Grand Moffs of THE EMPIRE, he’s just the Emperor’s apprentice – below them in the hierarchy.
  • But what fury burns in the heart of a SITH with such overwhelming rage when a mere Moff dares command him?
  • And at what point does Darth Vader show them his true power?

Justice League Dark #12

Newly powered up by Mordru, the Justice League Dark have become the Lords of Chaos to stop Doctor Fate before it’s too late! But will this deal with the devil cost more than Wonder Woman and her team bargained for?

Superior Spider-Man #8

War of the Realms tie-in! Otto Octavius and Quentin Quire – BFFs! With America Chavez as the power, transportation and…well…only real hero, can Superior Spider-Man and the West Coast Avengers help turn the tide against Malekith and his forces?

Avengers #20


The final battle for Midgard! Captain Marvel leads the War Avengers! Hulk battles Ulik! Blade takes on the Black Berserkers of Roxxon! Plus: Daredevil the God Without Fear has a cryptic message that will decide the future of the team.

Detective Comics #1006

Detective Jim Corrigan has been shot on the streets of Gotham City—and the Spectre must reach out to Batman to help him find the secret assassin!

Galaxy’s Edge #3


•  During the height of the EMPIRE, DOK-ONDAR hired an unlikely team to pull off an impossible score – to steal a relic out of the occupied HOLY CITY OF JEDHA.

•  With FIRST ORDER troops now blanketing the BLACK SPIRE OUTPOST on BATUU, history may finally be catching up to the notorious procurer of the unprocurable.

•  Guest starring fan favorite Outer Rim pirate HONDO OHNAKA!

The Flash #73

“The Flash Year One” continues! As our hero picks up the pieces from his disastrous defeat at the hands of the Turtle, the rise of the Rogues in Central City gives the Flash renewed resolve. But Barry is still learning to master his abilities, and while an experienced speedster might know how to outrun a gun, this time he may not be so lucky…

Wonder Woman #73

The Queen and The Empress

As Wonder Woman and her compatriots travel through the broken realm, Diana relates the story of the real first time she left Themyscira…and traveled with her mother to a bizarre alternate version of their home, where Empress Hippolyta reigned with an iron fist! But the Empress didn’t take too kindly to their territorial incursion…and so Diana was forced to watch as her mother battled for her life against the worst possible version of herself! What other secrets did Dimension Chi conceal? And have any of them followed Diana back to our universe? Find out in this tale by guest-writer Steve Orlando that delivers a crucial piece of G. Willow Wilson’s epic storyline!

Magnificent Ms. Marvel #4

• Traipsing across an unfamiliar planet with a gorgeous alien prince is fun…but doing that with your disapproving parents in tow? Significantly less fun.

• Can Kamala balance family and romance? Or is this strange new relationship dead on arrival?

Doctor Strange #15

Herald Supreme, Part Four

With a fresh alter-dimensional feast and an alliance with Dormammu, GALACTUS has never been more terrifying! Do a reunited Doctor Strange and Clea have a chance to stop them? It’s not looking good…

Fantastic Four #11


• Franklin and Valeria are growing up fast…but not fast enough to legally operate Fantasti-Cars in NYC!

• But wouldn’t you know it, the day of their big driving test is at the exact moment the entire Microverse might implode and take our reality with it!

• Get ready for a cosmic adventure with Marvel’s first family…and two members of New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

• Going to parallel worlds? Easy. Parallel parking? Kinda hard!

Action Comics #1012


The attacks of Leviathan threaten targets across the globe and the agents of the invisible mafia continue to infect Metropolis.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40

The new series creative team of writer Ryan Parrott (Go Go Power Rangers) and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) begin a bold new era as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are back in Angel Grove…with the White Ranger as their leader! But what happened to the team after they defeated Lord Drakkon? And what does the White Ranger’s first appearance mean for the future of the team? Those answers – and more – arrive in the first chapter of Power Rangers: Necessary Evil, as shocking secrets are revealed!

Spider-Man Annual #1

The Origin of Spider-Ham!

When Spider-Gwen’s dimension-hopping web-watch falls into the wrong hands, it’s up to everyone’s favorite wisecracking web-slinger, the wily waddler known as Spider-Ham, to save the day! From the same creative minds that brought you Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Gwen creator Jason Latour, you won’t want to miss this interdimensional epic!

Thor #14


As a young god, the valiant but unworthy Thor pined for a hammer beyond legend. Now his destiny arrives at last. For the War of the Realms will reach even here, hundreds of years in the past.

Amazing Spider-Man #24


The “Hunted” storyline in Amazing Spider-Man has officially kicked off, but there’s another danger lurking in the background for Peter Parker — and the newly revealed cover of issue #24 may give us the first look! Just one issue away from Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, and Humberto Ramos’ 25th issue of Amazing Spider-Man, this issue will raise the question of who this mysterious bandaged figure is. He seems to appear in every shadow — but what does he want with Spider-Man?

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8

Feast or Famine, Part Two

When things go nuts at the F.E.A.S.T. Center, it leaves Aunt May furious, and no one rests when Aunt May is angry. So Spider-Man has to kick an investigation into high gear into the Prowler and what he’s up to! Peter has a lot of skills, but he is no Sherlock Holmes. The World’s Worst Detective calls on his new ally the Rumor to help him!

War of the Realms #6


The tides begin to turn as unexpected allies appear in a twist that will shake the heavens!  Malekith’s allies are faltering at last before the might of all Earth’s heroes, but the Dark Elf King has one final trick — and it’s got a VENOMOUS bite!  Out of options, the God of Thunder makes a sacrifice that will leave him forever changed.  But will it be enough?  And what heroes may fall in his wake?  Midgard’s fate is sealed as Jason Aaron’s years-long saga comes to its epic conclusion!

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