The current volume of Gwen Stacy’s adventures will end and be relaunched in August with Ghost-Spider #1.

Seanan McGuire and Takeshi Miyazawa will bring the fan favorite character from her home dimension and into the world of mainstream Marvel Universe, where the webbed wonder will enroll in Empire State University.

“After dipping her toes into the main Marvel Universe, Gwen Stacy is finally taking the leap part-time as she enrolls in Empire State University,” said series assistant editor Danny Khazem in a statement (via “But Gwen’s going to need to do her Spider-History research if she’s going to figure out just who from Spider’s past is keeping tabs on her!

“Seanan McGuire and Takeshi Miyazawa are bringing their A-game back to Gwen’s world in Ghost-Spider #1, where she’s going to face some familiar Spider-Foes in her travels between her native home of Earth-65 and Earth-616—the Marvel Universe we all know and love!”

How will entering a world where Gwen Stacy is dead come into play? What does this mean for her “on again, off again” relationship with Miles? How freaked out is Peter going to be when he bumps into Gwen at ESU? We’ll have to wait until August to find out!

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