Unstoppable Wasp has scribe Jeremy Whitley has announced that Marvel Comics is ending his current series with July’s 10th issue.

Credit: Marvel Comics

“Now, Marvel has given me permission to share with you that, for the time being, issue 10 will be the final issue of this run of Unstoppable Wasp,” Whitley tweeted as part of thread reflecting on the title’s ups and downs. “I’m not angry, I’m happy we got to come back and tell the story I desperately wanted to tell. We got to share our GIRLS with the world in ways that I hadn’t dreamed of in the early going. There are still three issues left, but trust me; it will be three great issues!”

Unstoppable Wasp was previously concluded after its 8th issue in 2017 and was resurrected for the current volume. Recently the series has become much heavier in terms of content with the recent and somewhat controversial revelation that Nadia, like her father, is living with Bipolar Disorder.

Longtime Marvel fans were understandably nervous about this revelation, given how the mental health affliction has been consistently misused to explain away some of Hank Pym’s more violent and despicable actions. However, to his credit, Whitley managed to thread the needle and portray Nadia’s prognosis with the dignity that previous attempts had lacked. 

Whitely emphasized that the coming conclusion is the planned end point of Nadia’s current narrative, “Don’t get me wrong, I always want to tell more stories, but this was where [editor Alanna Smith] and I planned to get when we found out the book would get to come back.”

Unstoppable Wasp #10 hits shelves on July 17th from Marvel Comics

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