So my inner monologue seems to have been rather fortuitous today.
Earlier this morning I found myself contemplating the nature of “Social Justice”, Activism and Outrage Culture as it applies to fandom. As a content creator in today’s socio-political climate this is something that usually crosses my mind at least once a week and has admittedly stalled a good amount of creative progress because I simply didn’t want to deal with the inevitable shit storm.

As luck would have it, this topic has fueled the bulk of my conversations throughout the day and rather surprisingly the outcome has been a net positive.

“Left” and “Right” ideals have gone so far to the extreme that they’re beginning to meet in the middle and the silent and sane majorities are stuck watching while these two Ozaru hurl mountains of scat at each other.
I’ve seen associates new and old loose opportunities and be driven out of the groups they love simply because they weren’t screaming along with the crowd. I myself was repeatedly called a Nazi for not loosing my collective shit when Disney let a certain writer go.

I’ve opposed Comicsgaters and whatever their equally vitriolic counterparts will eventually be called, alike. I’ve stood against the people who dared to use my fandom as a shield for their blatantly racist and sexist attacks against actors, characters, franchises and creators.

All of this is a long winded way of saying that enough is enough. Nerds, Geeks, Trekkies, Star Wars fans and everyone in between. We’re better than this, act like it. To quote an Autobot much wiser than myself, “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”


Joseph “Above Average Joe” Anderson

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