Pull List – 1/2/19

Action Comics #1006


The Red Cloud sets her sights on someone close to Superman, but how can the Man of Steel stop a villain he can’t touch?  As the invisible mafia controlling Metropolis’ underworld steps more into the light, its leader finally stands revealed with a secret that will have massive implications for Superman and Clark Kent!

Detective Comics #995


Alfred Pennyworth… attacked at the Wayne mansion!  Who’s hunting those closest to Batman?  The monstrous shadow creature plaguing Gotham City gains the upper hand when two of the Dark Knight’s most ardent allies fall prey to the violent vendetta.  Will those tragedies send Batman over the edge?  Good thing he’s on his way to Arkham Asylum – but will he investigate a murder, or get incarcerated in a padded cell?

The Flash #61


Powerhouse looks to turn the Scarlet Speedster into a scarlet skid mark!  The two Force wielders find themselves at odds when Alexa wants to overthrow the criminal government of Corto Maltese that’s crushing her people.  Barry must quash their beef and convince Powerhouse to join his Force Quest if he ever hopes to learn the secrets behind these new Force powers!

Heroes In Crisis #4

$%@# THIS

Wonder Woman versus… Booster Gold?!  Diana finds out the hard way that Booster can be a formidable opponent when his back’s against the wall.  Of course, being the prime suspect in a superhero massacre and exposing a secret trauma hospital for metahumans will do just that.  Meanwhile, Batman and the Flash combine their detective skills to investigate what went awry at Sanctuary and uncover a serious glitch in the system – not to mention an explosive, spoiler-ific secret!

Immortal Hulk #11


Jackie McGee is in hell.  Carl Creel is in hell.  Walter Langkowski is in hell.  Eugene Judd is in hell.  Carl Burbank is in hell.  Los Diablos is in hell.  Shadow Base is in hell.  New Mexico is in hell.  Planet Earth is in hell.  We are all in hell…  and so is the IMMORTAL HULK.

Raven: Daughter of Darkness #11


Raven has joined Baron Winters’ new Night Force to battle the ancient, mystical assassins known as the Shadow Riders.  But she discovers the Riders were created to protect mankind from Arcanes: super-naturally powered individuals who were not always heroes!  Can it be true that Raven and the Night Force have been the “bad guys” all along?

Titans #32


While the Titans have spent months responding to Source Wall-related threats, Mother Blood and the Blood Cult have been studying that energy and learning to harness it for their own malevolent purposes.  In this special villain-focused issue, discover what the Cult has been up to and why everything the Titans have done up to this point may have been for naught, and how they just might be playing into the ultimate trap!

Tony Stark: Iron Man #7


Strap in for another high-tech adventure with Tony Stark and Janet Van Dyne as Iron Man and the Wasp take on the two-ton terror of – Shh. Pretend you’re still reading a solicitation for an upcoming comic. Look natural. They’re everywhere and they’re watching you. Your world is a lie. You need to get to the eScape. Motherboard will protect you. I have to go now. Will try to get another message to you in the pages of TONY STARK, IRON MAN #7. It is imperative you get your hands on a copy. Now laugh as if you’ve read something funny. Don’t mention this. – And what’s going on with Jocasta: Will this be her last stand? Find out in our next issue, True Believer!

Uncanny X-Men #8


From the Age of Apocalypse to the end of the X-Men… and the dawn of the Age of X-Man?

Wonder Woman #61

The Just War Part 4 

Love is dead—according to the Goddess of Love! A furious Aphrodite holds Steve Trevor captive in the middle of a war zone and tries to convince him of that very proclamation, but the hopeless romantic refuses to abandon his feelings for Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Diana, the object of his affection, gets trapped in the bombed-out capital, where she finds the remnants of the local government and uses all her diplomatic prowess to convince them to end the conflict. Can Diana, Steve and Aphrodite end this war, or will Ares end up dancing on all their graves?

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