Happy New Years Joestice Leaguers!

As 2018 has come and gone, and while many will dedicate the coming days to reviewing and reminescing about the books they did and did not enjoy over the last year, I’d like to take a moment to highlight the books that I am most looking forward to in the new year.

Let’s get started!

#10 – Riri Williams: Ironheart

Credit: Marvel Comics

While Riri’s has been knocking around in the Marvel Universe for a couple of years now, the recently launched Ironheart ongoing has done a credible job of transforming Ironheart into a layered and complex character instead of merely a Tony Stark proxy.

Eve L. Ewing captures the character’s voice in a way that is charming and relatable. Instead of focusing on the dark drama of Riri’s origin, she flips the narrative into a quest for positivity and the hope for a better tomorrow. A perfect book for the new year.

#9 – Immortal Hulk

Credit: Marvel Comics

When it was announced that Al Ewing was going to pen the new ongoing story of a returned Bruce Banner, I was expecting a cerebral jaunt through the life of the Jade Giant ala Peter David. What I got was something else entirely.

Ewing and team have put the horror back in Hulk. From the first issue it was apparent that this wasn’t going to be your father’s Incredible Hulk story. The Hulk is a monster preying on those who prey on others, and all it takes to set loose the beast is for Bruce Banner to die…every night.

For anyone who is a fan of Horror, this book is worthy of a spot on your shelf. Especially now that Hulk is in Hell.

#8 – The Flash

Credit: DC Comics

Joshua Williamson has been crafting one hell of an epic for the Fastest Man Alive, and things have only ramped up since the events of Justice League: No Justice.

Strange forces connected to the source of his own powers, tragic losses and mysteries that run to the very core of the DC Universe surround Barry Allen at every turn, and with a trip back to his first year as the Scarlet Speedster around the corner it is the best time to race along side him.

#7 – Superman

Credit: DC Comics

Ever since Bendis sent Jon and Lois into the cosmos I have been on pins and needles. The Rebirth era of Superman has been stellar, and like many I was understandably nervous about rocking the boat.

To his credit, Bendis writes Superman & Clark Kent quite well. Capturing a Christopher Reeve-esque “aw shucks” vibe and combining it with a modern twist on the intrepid reporter of old. This being said, changes are afoot and I’m concerned about wondering too far from the path set out by Gleason, Tomasi and Jurgens.

#6 – Justice League

Credit: DC Comics

I have been a fan of Scott Snyder since his earliest issues of Batman. When word broke that he was going to helm the much needed relaunch of DC’s flagship team, my jaw hit the floor and it is still there.

Justice League should have been one of the strongest books coming out of Rebirth, and sadly it wasn’t. The same cannot be said of this current run. Snyder has brought heroism and heart to the League. Combining world changing catastrophes that only the DC Universe’s greatest heroes can avert with small character moments that prove that this group is more than a team, they’re a family.

#5 – Uncanny X-Men

Credit: Marve Comics

While Marvel didn’t even try to hide that the recent Extermination event was nothing more than a vehicle for Cyclops’ return, it doesn’t take away from my excitement.

As a Cyclops fan I have been waiting for years for his proper return and redemption in the eyes of the X-Men and audience alike. The forthcoming annual is set to focus on his journey. Will he reunite with Jean? How will the team react to his return from the grave?

I have no idea, but I can’t wait to find out.

#4 – Thor

Credit: Marvel Comics

I was never much of a Thor fan. I knew of him and had an idea of his adventures, but other than his appearances in other books I was following he’d never landed on my radar. Jason Aaron’s run changed that.

Since the moment I first flipped through “Thor: God of Thunder” I have been hooked, and now it seems that Aaron is finally ready to tell the story he has been building to for years. The Godbutcher, Jane Foster, The War Thor were all prologue. Now the War of the Realms is at hand, and it looks to be the Odinson’s finest hour.

#3 – Batman

Credit: DC Comics

Tom King’s run on Batman has been a rollercoaster. Emotionally gripping character moments, face paced action and the near constant sense that no matter how bleak things looked for the Dark Knight, they were only going to get worse.

This book is the Game of Thrones of comics. You know it’s not going to end the way you want, you know it is going to hurt you and yet you somehow can’t look away. This is a brilliant character study of the trauma and tenacity at the core of Gotham’s protector.

#2 – Amazing Spider-Man

Credit: Marvel Comics

After Secret Empire I didn’t think I’d ever like a Nick Spencer story again, let alone love one. This current volume of Amazing Spider-Man is everything I have missed since the final days of JMS’ historic run.

The return of Peter & Mary Jane’s relationship. Peter’s quest to undo all the still lingering damage done to his life by Otto Octavius (and by extension, Dan Slott) make for a Spider-Man tale that is fun, engaging and cathartic.

#1 – Young Justice

Credit: DC Comics

My favorite DC Team of all time is about to return!

Since being teased with their existence in the “Super Sons of Tomorrow” crossover, I have been waiting to see Connor Kent, Bart Allen and Cassie Sandsmark return to the DC Universe.

While there are a lot of outlying questions about their return, Tim Drake’s current role as Red Robin and the newest roster additions, I’m just happy to see Superboy, Impulse and Wonder Girl back on the pages of a DC Comics publication.

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