The rebirth era is about to come to a close for the Emerald Archer. DC Comics’ ongoing Green Arrowtitle will be ending in march with it’s 50thissue. 

The solicit text previously released to the press did not include the “Final Issue” notice included in DC’s catalogue. Below is the original solicit text: 

“Spinning out of the events of Justice League: No Justice and Heroes In Crisis! When a black ops organization discovers Green Arrow’s long-held secret – a mysterious weapon in the form of a box, given to him by the Justice League – they’ll deploy their top undercover agent: Black Canary!” reads DC’s solicitation text for the issue. “On opposite sides of this festering secret, Green Arrow and Black Canary will clash as only two lovers can – by aiming straight for the heart! A mystery six months in the making, the box that can destroy the Justice League will be opened…and the Emerald Archer’s world will be forever changed. This extra-sized anniversary issue of Green Arrow’s life isn’t just ending…it’s burning to the ground!

Series co-scribe Jackson Lanzing tweeted about the series’ conclusion, saying “The word is out: Green Arrow #50 will be the last of the series. While [Collin Kelly, Javier Fernandez and] I would’ve loved nothing more than to craft a robust, long run for Ollie & Dinah, the universe had other plans.”

“Very cool, very wild plans,” Lanzing continued. “I look forward to reading them as a fan.”

The timing of this cancellation is rather curious, as the death of Roy Harper in Heroes in Crisisseemed poised to usher in a new drama-heavy storyline as Oliver and company dealt with the loss of their beloved friend and partner. 

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