Writer Chip Zdarsky (Marvel 2 in One, Spectacular Spider-Man) will launch a new Invaders series as part of Marvel’s 80thanniversary.

Similar to the fan favorite Captain America run by Ed Brubaker, the series will intercut scenes of Namor and Captain America as allies throughout World War II, while the current scenes will reflect his more villainous tendencies as he clashes with his once former ally.  Artists Carlos Magni and Butch Guice will illustrate their respective time periods.

“Carlos is doing the modern parts and Butch is illustrating the WW2 parts”, Zdarsky tweeted. “Cap and Namor are two of my all-time favorite characters, so getting to write them going head-to-head and fighting together is a dream true.”

While details are scarce on the upcoming series, Marvel has confirmed that it will run “throughout 2019” though the exact number of planned issues is currently unknown.


Invaders #1 hits shelves in January from Marvel Comics

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