Fans will get another taste of the ‘Murphyverse‘ Batman when writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy returns to pen the sequel to Batman: The White Knight, entitled Batman: Curse of the White Knight. 

“For Batman: Curse of the White Knight, I’m rewriting a former Batman ally to become a threat greater than the Joker ever was” Murphy said in an interview with Paste.

Who is this mysterious turncoat? Why, none other than former Batman and longtime mentally unstable assassin, Azrael. The beleaguered warrior’s tenuous on-again, off-again relationship with sanity makes him the perfect target for Joker’s newest assault on Gotham City and the Dark Knight.

“In this explosive sequel to Sean Murphy’s critically acclaimed blockbuster Batman: White Knight, the Joker recruits a savage partner to help him expose a shocking revelation about the Wayne family’s legacy and run Gotham into the ground,” reads DC’s description “As Batman rushes to protect the city and his loved ones from this corrupt conspiracy, the mystery of his ancestry unravels and deals a devastating blow to the Dark Knight. Exciting new villains and unexpected allies will clash across history in this unforgettable chapter of the White Knight saga – and the truth about the blood they shed will shake Gotham to its core!”

Batman: The White Knight has been retroactively added to DC’s “Black Label”, a mature readers line that recently garnered undo attention with the controversial content of Batman: Damned. Curse of the White Knight will be published under the “Black Label” banner in its entirety.

Look for a new collection of Batman: The White Knight to hit shelves this October and its sequel sometime in 2019.


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