NCBD – 8/29/2018

Joestice Leaguers! It’s that time again 🙂 Here’s what we reading this week! To Me, My Pull List!

  • Extermination #2
  • Marvel 2-in-One #9
  • Nightwing Annual #1
  • Star Wars: Lando – Double or Nothing #4
  • Star Wars: Poe Dameron Annual #2
  • X-23 #3
  • X-Men: Blue #34
  • X-Men: Grand Design – Second Genesis #2

Definitely an X-Men heavy week and not sad about that! Let’s get things started with the honorable mentions:


Marvel 2-In-One #9

THE FANTASTIC FOUR are BACK!  But there’s something quite off about them…Ben and Johnny, powerless and stranded, are in the fight of their lives as NEXT OF KIN continues!



Cyclops. Iceman. Angel. Beast. Marvel Girl. The original team of teen mutants brought together by Professor Charles Xavier many years ago have been shunted through time to find a world they barely recognize but were determined to help. Now, finding themselves targeted for death, the future of mutantkind lies squarely in the hands of its past. Writer Ed Brisson (OLD MAN LOGAN, CABLE) and artist Pepe Larraz (UNCANNY AVENGERS, AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER) answer the biggest question of all: can the fate of the X-Men be changed?
Rated T+

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