Marvel Comics just released an new teaser image for the upcoming X-Men event : Extermination.


The image my Pepe Larraz and Mark Gracia depicts someone – presumably the younger version of Scott Summers holding the iconic Cyclops visor and the words “Set It Right” emblazoned across his chest.

The Original Five X-Men have spent the last several years in the current Marvel Universe and while each of them have had the chance to reconcile with their older selves and cast off the darker elements of their lives, Scott continues to be haunted with by the reality of his future self’s fall from grace. Will the beleaguered leader of the X-Men finally have the opportunity to right the wrongs of his counterpart and truly set is life back on track? Who knows, but to quote another Time Traveling franchise : “There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves”.

Welcome to the Future Scott Summers, we hope you survive the experience.

The five issue Extermination event is set to start in August.


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Part 1 & Part 2

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