Dudes and Dudettes, major league butt-kicking is back in town!

Paramount is currently developing a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, apparently to be shaped by Bad Words writer Andrew Dodge, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Michael Bay, who produced the 2014 Franchise Reboot and it’s 2017 sequel Out of the Shadows, will produce this film as well. It is currently unknown if the project will be a second sequel in the same continuity or if will be a full reboot.

Sources indicate that Paramount is edging to instill a “veneer of quality” over the film, a logical response given the overall lukewarm to the recent adaptations. Does this signal an intention to Reboot? or merely a return to the story and character driven films that fans love to this day. Nothing is for certain at this point, and with fan sentiment around the Heroes on the Half Shell already in a frenzy because of the recently announced animated series that employees a number of changes to long standing TMNT lore, it may serve Paramount to play things closer to the vest for the time being.

Sequel or Reboot, we are getting a new live action Turtles film in the not so distant future. Order pizza, grab your nunchucks and get ready to hit the theaters turtle fans because the boys are back!


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