Fan-Favorite writer Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, DC Universe Rebirth) has left his role as President and Chief Creative Office of DC Entertainment for an exclusive writing and producing position with Warner Bros. Jim Lee will add the Creative Officer duties to his portfolio while continuing on as Co-Publisher alongside Dan Didio.

Johns is slated to pen the screenplay for the still slated Green Lantern Corps film, replacing the project that was originally helmed by standing DCEU writer/producer David S Goyer. The Film is confirmed to feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart as the titular characters.


In addition to his focus on shepherding the Emerald Knights introduction to the DCEU proper, Johns and his newly formed production company; Mad Ghost Productions, will also spearhead several new comics for DC as well as developing the new “Killing Zone” imprint, a pop-up initiative for the publisher.


Killing Zone logo

Noted Artist Jason Fabok will join Johns on the long teased “Three Jokers” story line that will follow up the groundbreaking revelation from 2016’s DC Universe : Rebirth #1.


Additionally, Johns will launch a new SHAZAM! book that will bring the world’s mightiest mortal back into the DC Universe after a curiously long absence ahead of the character’s big screen debut.


Johns’ production company will also have input on the upcoming Aquaman and Wonder Woman ’84 films, as well as numerous DCTV projects like Titans and The Flash. The level of influence or involvement in these is currently unknown.


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