NCBD – 6/13/2018

Joestice League! Another beautiful New Comicbook Day has dawned. Here’s what we’re swinging by our local comic book shop to pick up :

  • Batman: Prelude to the Wedding – Batgirl vs The Riddler
  • Detective Comics #982
  • Hawkman #1
  • Marvel 2-In-One Annual #1
  • Mister Miracle #9
  • Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man
  • The Flash #48
  • The Man of Steel #3
  • Thor #1
  • Titans Special #1
  • Wonder Woman #48
  • X-Men: Blue #29

Let’s start the conversation off with our HONORABLE MENTION


JASON AARON & MIKE DEL MUNDO TAKE THE PRINCE OF ASGARD IN A WHOLE NEW DIRECTION! Thor Odinson has regained his mantle – and with it, a wild new world of trouble on his mighty hands! The artifacts of Asgard have been scattered across the earth, and to reclaim them, Thor will have to face some ugly truths. Like the production cost of hundreds of new hammers! And the Thunder God is going to need every last one of them if he’s going to stop the unstoppable Juggernaut. Jason Aaron takes the Prince of Asgard in a whole new direction with YOUNG GUN artist Mike Del Mundo joining him at the helm! And don’t miss the latest chapter of the King Thor saga with acclaimed BLACK BOLT artist Christian Ward, as the Thor of the far future encounters an old friend who’s undergone some startling changes.



HAWKMAN #1 by Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch

Spinning out of the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, Carter Hall returns to the DC Universe! An explorer of the ancient and unknown, Hawkman finds himself embroiled in a long-standing mission to discover the true purpose of his many reincarnations. Carter races around the globe trying to piece together an ancient prophecy, but will he be able to face down his past lives lurking around every corner?


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