Less than a month into their “Fresh Start” initiative, Marvel Comics is already retreading familiar territory. First they launched a second book under the Avengers label, the West Coast Avengers, which looks to be a campy revamp of the Young Avengers book staring the characters that are left over from their recent overhaul of the Avengers continuity that occurred in No Surrender.

Now, just days after they are teasing an upcoming event presumably linked to Nick Spencer’s as yet unreleased run on Amazing Spider-Man. Yep, before we even have the flagship Spider-Man book back on the shelves we already know that an event is just waiting in the wings. Could this have something to do with Miles Morales’ Spider-Man being curiously absent from solicits? Maybe, however given Marvel’s attitude towards it’s legacy characters and the obvious focus on bringing their classic characters back to the forefront, it seems inevitable that we’re about to get spider-centric event starring Mr. Parker.

No other information has been made available as of yet, but based on the teaser image (below) and what we know about the still unfinished wrap up of Dan Slott’s run and the forthcoming reintroduction of Spidey’s black suit, odds are the design of the teaser isn’t accidental. I’ll let you be the judge


Given that Venom has seen an increased presence lately, with a mini-event within the Amazing Spider-Man series, a crossover with the X-men, a newly relaunched series from Donny Cates (Thanos) and Ryan Stegman (Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows) and a vague timeline announcement of “Fall 2018” that puts whatever this new story is curiously close to the release of the Tom Hardy led “Venom” film, the writing is very much on the wall.

No official details have been released as of yet.


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