From the outset it has been clear that Scott Snyder’s new Justice League seeks to explore and expand the mythologies of it’s team members. Dark Nights : Metal shattered the barriers between the light and dark multiverses, and now it seems the fan-favorite writer has set his sights on the Green Lanterns with the planned introduction of the “Invisible Emotional Spectrum”, a force powered by hidden emotions with a mysterious connection to longtime Lantern nemesis Sinestro.

John Stewart won’t be the only Leaguer dealing with a new and unseen force brought forth by the destruction of the Source Wall. Barry Allen, the Fastest Man Alive, will have to contend with the “Still Force” aspect of the Speed Force.

“The Still Force is an Energy in the universe that’s trying to slow everything down entropically, trying to stop everything, trying to bring everything to a standstill,” Snyder explained to Den of Geek. “And it has it’s own characters, it has its own figures that are connected to it who might not even know they are. And it’s a complete enigma to Barry at this point. One of Barry’s greatest villains, Gorilla Grodd, might have a leg up on him when it comes to figuring out how to control this thing.”


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“The Idea, really, is to show that these characters think they know their powers, think they know their mythologies, think they know even sometimes their histories and their missions,” he continued. “and then to sort of blow those things up.”

Based on this, It’s clear that DC is leaning hard into expanding their universe and characters. Newly exclusive Superman helmer, Brian Michael Bendis delivered an earth (or rather, Krypton) shattering secret in ACTION COMCIS #1000 and Snyder is following suit with a slew of changes and revelations that will make Cycborg’s multiversal upgrade in Metal looks like child’s play.

Justice League : No Justice is on sale now!

Justice League #1 is due out on shelves June 6.

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