In an interview with CBR, incoming Avengers writer Jason Aaron (The Mighty Thor, Marvel : Legacy) promised that Jennifer Walters will undergo some changes throughout his upcoming run on Marvel’s flagship team.

“I like the idea of having a Hulk on the team, but I wasn’t interested in doing Banner again,” Aaron explained in reference to his acclaimed 2011 run on Hulk. “I was very interested in Jennifer Walters though.”


“This will be a continuation of everything she’s been going through over the past couple of years; spinning out of the pages of Civil War II and her solo series that picked up from that. This continues on from those stories, but it also takes her in a bit of a different direction and tries to do a Jennifer Walters Hulk that we haven’t seen before,” he continued. “The events of this first arc will really change her. It changes what it means when she’s a Hulk, what she can do, what her powers and power levels are. I think that will be some fun stuff to play with going forward.”


Fans of Mariko Tamaki’s Hulk (re-titled She-Hulk during the Marvel Legacy publication line) saw Jennifer struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a way that fractured not only her “true” self, but her Hulk persona as well, leading her to become a more savage and guttural Hulk as she struggled to deal with the ghost of Bruce Banner. The final arc of the run saw Jennifer finally reconciling her grief and returning to her pure Green She-Hulk form. Allowing for some artistic license in character design from artist Ed McGuinness, it appears that Jennifer will either tap into those savage impulses once again.

Avengers #1 by Jason Aaron & Ed McGuinness goes on sale May 2nd

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