Another teen hero is set to join the ranks of Marvel’s Champions ; a young Inuk named Amka Alyak, aka Snowguard.

Amak debuted last month in Champions #19; the first issue by new creative team Jim Sub and Sean Izaaske.  While attempting to thwart a villain from syphoning off the spiritual energy of her home, Amka was gifted with powers of her own. Most notably the ability to take on animal traits and shapeshift.

“She can gain strength, stamina and speed along with fur, claws, a powerful bite, antlers or even feathered wings.” Zub told CBC, adding that her shapeshifting will reflect her moods as well as her needs.


For guidance with Amka’s development, Zub went to Nyla Innuksuk, founder of the VR production company Mixtape, who’s Inuit and grew up in Igloolik and Iqaluit. Innuksuk was initially hesitant about Zub’s plans to add an Inuit character, but said she appreciated that he came to her early in Snowguard’s development.

She was also drawn to the character because she’s not another Indigenous woman portrayed as a victim. “To see a powerful young person who is fighting back against what she sees as wrong has the potential to make a real difference,” Innuksuk said.

This latest roster change comes close on the heels of the ersatz rebirth of Viv Vision, and the departure of founding member Cyclops, who is busy dealing with the return of the Phoenix Force and the pending Extermination storyline.

Amka’s focus on native beliefs and environmentalism are an obvious fit for the politically astute team of young heroes and we look forward to the potential that this new perspective offers  to both the team and the audience.

Amka will join the Champions as Snowguard in Issue 21, which goes on sale in June.


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