THE F4 are back and…older??


Esad Ribic gave the Richards family a beautiful sendoff as they set off to restore the Marvel Multiverse in the closing moments of Secret Wars #9 – and now he’s brought their return to life in a variant cover for August’s Fantastic Four #1.

Ribic’s cover assembles the classic Fantastic Four lineup for the first time since they parted ways and offers the audience their first real glimpse of the assembled heroes, as previous cover teases have shown them in silhouette.


While the family looks undeniably classic, fans were quick to notice that Reed is noticeably older, with shocks of even more grey running through his hair and beard. It appears that while bouncing through realities, Mr. Fantastic never managed to shave off the bushy facial hair he acquired during the Secret Wars event. Given that it’s hung around this long, we’re willing to bet that Sue likes it.

This shift in appearance coincides with an updated cover revealed at C2E2, that shows aged up versions of Franklin and Valeria beside their parents.


Is this indicative of a permanent change for Marvel’s first family? Who knows, given how finicky things like age and timelines are in the Marvel Universe.

Fantastic Four by Dan Scott and Sarah Pichelli releases in August from Marvel Comics

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