After a rather lack luster “teaser” trailer released months ago, fans of Marvel’s on again, off again alien anti-hero were understandably concerned as to wether or not Sony’s newest attempt at brining the alien symbiote to the big screen would fail.

Viewers complained that the “Venom” film was seemingly low on…well, Venom. It wouldn’t be the first time that a comic book film surpassed the very nature of it’s titular character to make it feel more “grounded” or “realistic”, *cough* All of the X-Men Films*cough*.

Well Sony put some of those fears to rest, with the release of a new Trailer and Poster, both of which feature the nightmarish anti-hero in full relief.


As an added bonus we got a taste of the relationship between Symbiote and Host, a character element that is central for Eddie Brock. As it is his moral code that often keeps the alien “in check.”

Check out the trailer below!

Venom premiers October 5th

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