Failing Healing Factor

Regenerative Serum that will eventually kill him

Those aren’t just plot devices from 2017’s Logan, they’re the current state of Old Man Logan in the marvel universe.

Two years ago, Marvel Comic brought an older version of Wolverine from another timeline into the main Marvel Universe following the events of Secret Wars. Old Man Logan’s arrival and inclusion into the larger X-Men narrative and overall Marvel U while his younger counterpart was dead was a storytelling move designed to commemorate fan-favorite Hugh Jackman’s departure from the role, and play off of the box office buy in of the forthcoming hallmark film. A move that was definitely in contrast with Marvel’s general attitude towards the Fox owned franchise, as evidenced by their positioning of the X-Men against the Disney owned Inhumans property.

But the silver haired canucklehead has had a sword hanging over his head ever since his younger counterpart miraculously returned on the pages of Marvel Legacy #1 last summer.

Despite his initial die hard loner attitude, we’ve seen Logan the elder evolve and accept the current state of his life. Gone are the days of trying to avert the dark future from which he hails, this is a Logan who has grown to embrace change. Friends and Family that are not his own have claimed him. He’s mentored Jean Grey, been a rough and tumble father figure, joined forces with a cadre of less than pure hearted frenemies and saved the X-Men’s collective bacon more times than he can count.

Despite all this, he’s always been living on borrowed time and now that time appears to be running out. In recent issues of his solo comic, he’s nearly lost his life to the Hand, found himself hunted by Bullseye at the behest of Kingpin Wilson Fisk, now Mayor of New York and even gone to blows with the big man himself.

Now Old Man Logan is certainly feeling every one of his years, as the recent battles have left him blind in one eye, nearly deafened and with a healing factor that is on its last leg. The future seems grim for the Old Man, and while the obvious solution may be to shift him back to his own time and presumably grim demise I can’t help but wish that this Logan passes gracefully, surrounded by his adoptive family. After the cataclysmic events of his own timeline, and the rough road he’s traveled since joining the main Marvel universe he has more than earned a small measure of peace.



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