During the DC Comics Meet the Publishers panel from this year’s WonderCon, DC Co-Publishers; Jim Lee and Dan DiDio as Editor in Chief Bob Harras and all star writer Scott Snyder announced that at the conclusion of the forthcoming weekly No Justice series, the publisher will launch “New Justice”, a new imprint that will include the three previously teased Justice League titles as well as the Titans and Teen Titans legacy books and the recently confirmed Hawkman series by Robert. Venditti and Bryan Hitch.

In addition to the mainline Justice League book, by creative team of Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung and Jorge Jimenez, two other series will spin out of the core title. First, Justice League Dark, written by James Tynion IV with art from Alvaro Lopez, Raul Fernandez and Brad Anderson. Snyder described the series as “James Tynion’s dream book.” The story will focus on the creators of magic in the DC Universe coming to take it back, and features a team of Detective Chimp, Zatanna, Man-Bat, Swamp Thing and a host of others, led by Wonder Woman.


Flash Scribe Josh Williamson and artist Stejpan Seijic will helm Justice League Odyssey, a cosmos spanning epic in which Cyborg, Starfire, Azrael, Jessica Cruz and Darksied will explore the universe in one of Brainiac’s old head ships.  Snyder joked that he originally intended to name the title “Justice League WTF.”


All three teams will operate out of the Hall of Justice, with Snyder’s team using it as their headquarters. Also operating out of the Hall of Justice will be a revamped incarnation of Titans, written by Dan Abnett. Described as “the Justice League’s AAA farm team,” the team is led by Nightwing and Raven and includes Beast Boy, Steel, and Miss Martian. The last member finally making her Rebirth debut.

Meanwhile, Teen Titans will resume with issue #20, this time helmed by writer Adam Glass and artist Bernard Chang. The launch story will see Robin out on his own, leading a team of inexperienced heroes including Kid Flash, Red Arrow and several completely new characters such as Lobo’s daughter.

Other titles under the “New Justice” banner will include the recently announced Hawkman as well as an unnamed project from Bryan Edward Hill, who is set to pen a Detective Comics story that will team Batman and Black Lightning.

The launch of the New Justice imprint appears to draw much inspiration from various animated series that have drawn the love of fans the world over, with the Justice League roster serving as an homage to the Justice League Unlimited series (for it’s inclusion of John Stewart and Hawkgirl) and the Titans has clear echoes of the second season finale of Young Justice, which saw ‘the team’ operating side by side with the Justice League.

Curiously absent from the listings are Jackson Hyde, the current Aqualad, the entirety of the current Titans roster, save for Nightwing as well as fan favorite Jonathon Kent, whose outing with Damian Wayne in the team up book Super Sons is set to end soon.


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