For months, if not since the start of Rebirth itself, Barry Allen and the prodigal speedster Wally West have been racing towards a confrontation with one another.

Joshua Williamson, who has helmed The Flash since Rebirth, has teased this confrontation for quite some time. Putting Barry in conflict with those closest to him over the hero’s propensity to think and act like he knows what’s best for all involved. Barry has pushed his relationship with Iris and both the past and current Wallys to the breaking point and the opening page of Flash #47 demonstrates the emotional fever pitch between the two beloved characters.

Earlier this week, on his twitter page Williamson posted an unlettered copy of Howard Porter’s art from the upcoming issue and despite the lack of dialogue, the tension between mentor and former protégé reads loud and clear. Barry has pushed Wally to the brink, alienating his aunt Iris and his cousin, the second Wally West, forcing Wally’s Titans team to disband.


It’s likely that the obvious animosity radiating off of Wally in the art is related to Barry’s most recent blunder : allying himself with the serial killer Godspeed to help him got his powers back in order to take on Gorilla Grodd himself, an act of desperation that may have doomed all of Central City.

Porter previously teased the inclusion of Golden Age hero, Jay Garrick in the story. Garrick was last seen during the 4 part Batman cross over the event: “The Button.” Various nods have also been made to Bart Allen, grandson of the current speedster who was briefly featured in the Super Sons of Tomorrow arc. Whatever happens on the pages of Flash this summer, it’s guaranteed to shock and awe.

“Flash War” starts in Flash #47

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