Following the cancelation of Fan Favorite Super Sons, and the disappearance of both Teen Titans and Titans from official solicits, the future of Dick Grayson’s legacy team was murky at best.

Today it was announced that Aquaman and Titans scribe Dan Abnett will return to the Titans in June for Titans Special #1.

The issue will center on a story of Nightwing reassembling the Titans after the events of “Titans Apart”, which saw the team disbanded by order of the Justice League itself as well as the “Justice League: No Justice” mini series which is set to bring members from both Titans teams as well as a host of other DC Characters into the Justice League on a galaxy spanning adventure that will ultimately lead to the previously announced Justice League relaunch to be written by Scott Snyder.

With these actions, it’s pretty clear that DC is making a major move with respect to it’s Legacy characters. What isn’t so clear is the end game. Is this merely a roster change up? or are we seeing the opening salvo of a much larger story direction?

Developments through a host of DC titles seem to point to the later.

“A Lonely Place Of Living” in Detective Comics reintroduced the “Titans of Tomorrow”, the aged version of 2000’s era Titans that had ascended to the ranks of their mentors after their world took a much darker turn. At first this arc seemed to be nothing more than. An eyebrow raising callback to and older tale but then we saw the elder Tim Drake attempting to rewrite his own history by taking a page out of the Terminator’s playbook in the pages of  Super Sons with “Super Sons of Tomorrow” which brought the rest of the Tim Drake era Titans into play and established that they are in fact connected to the current universe and not merely observers from a forgotten timeline.


Are the “Titans of Tomorrow” set to return in some fashion? With the elder Tim Drake lost in the timestream (which is precisely where we last saw the Conner Kent version of Superboy) and the story currently unfurling on the pages of Detective Comics directly echoing the events of his future, the answer appears to be a resounding yes.

Assuming this is the case and the previous iterations of Superboy, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl are about to return to the fold, what does this mean for the current generation of younger heroes in the DC universe?

The recently annouced Teen Titans Special #1 is sure to hold some answers, and will likely parallel the Titans Special #1 as an epilogue to the events of No Justice, but the question stands. Is there room for four generations of Legacy characters in the DC universe? As with most of Rebirth, answer lay not in the future but in the past.


With the forthcoming third season of the hit show, a show that was resurrected solely by fan pressure, it seems odd that there isn’t currently a Young Justice book on the shelves continue to tap audience engagement. The team realignment happening in No Justice serves as the perfect opportunity to resurrect the second generation of Teen Titans and pass the mantle of Young Justice down to the current group of early teenage heroes.

Will this be the case? Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out.



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