The writing has been on the wall since Marvel : Legacy, and now we have official confirmation that Laura Kinney’s time as Wolverine is set to end. Earlier this week Marvel announced a relaunched X-23 ongoing series from writer Maraiko Tamaki and artist Juann Cabal starting in July.

“I am so psyched to have the opportunity for X-23. How often do you get to write a comic that has its own iconic sound effect?” Tamaki commented regarding the upcoming book. “This is a story about being in the very weird kind of family that someone like Laura/X-23 finds herself in. It’s about what it means to wrestle with legacy and identify when you were created to be a weapon and not someone with a birthday and a sister. I love writing these characters, I love the ferocity that comes with them, and I love the supporting cast we’ve put together for these issues.”

“It’s very exciting to work with a different author’s view of the same character you’ve been working on recently,” added Cabal. “I feel very lucky to be working with someone as brilliant as Mariko. She has her own voice and ideas, so the series’ tone is going to be different from All-New Wolverine, but you can feel her fondness and respect for the characters. So fans, rest assured! We’ll continue enjoying the Laura and Gabby (and Jonathan the Wolverine) we all know and love!”

These assurances aside, we can’t help but notice a disturbing trend when it comes to character’s introduced as a part of Marvel’s diversity campaign. With the impending death of Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, Sam Wilson’s unceremonious departure from the role of Captain America at the conclusion of Secret Empire, and the curtailed end and rebranding of Tamaki’s own Hulk book, one has to wonder what Marvel’s plan for Legacy characters will be once “Fresh Start” officially kicks into gear.

Until then, you can follow Laura Kinney’s adventures in All-New Wolverine and                X-Men: Red, both written by Tom Taylor.

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